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Have you ever wondered what our team of accountants in Peterborough get up to all day? Read on to find out what being an accountant at one of the most highly regarded firms in the city entails.

Planning For The Day Ahead

When one of our accountants sits down at their desk at the start of the day, they’ll take stock and make a plan. Being a great accountant in Peterborough means that you need to have a highly methodical, organised approach to your work. Each day can bring with it fresh challenges and new things to deal with, so it’s important for an accountant to take some time at the start of each day and make a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Responding to Emails

Next on the agenda is emails. An accountant could have emails from clients, their co-workers, and a wealth of other individuals to deal with. Making sure that the most pressing are answered at the start of the day ensures that there are no delays and that decisions can be made as quickly as possible. They’ll continue to check their emails throughout the day, and they’ll also reach out to others when needed. Communication is key in this industry!

The Responsibilities of Our Accountants in Peterborough

Now, the hard work begins. Accountants lend their expertise to a range of tasks throughout the day. They could be dealing with VAT returns, accounts, tax returns or any other aspect of their client’s business finances. All of the accountancy services that we offer are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. So while an accountant knows how to get a job done, they’ll be working with different clients in mind each time. Our accountants are some of the most skilled in Peterborough, and can complete a wide range of tasks for our clients in the city.

Meetings With Clients

Accountants also spend a lot of time in meetings with their clients. It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that they liaise with their clients, but our accountants in Peterborough have remained resourceful and dedicated throughout these challenging times. Whether it’s by video call or in a safe, socially distanced way, they will regularly connect with their clients and keep them updated, as well as being on hand to answer any questions that they may have.

Talking to New Clients

Our accountants in Peterborough work hard dealing with enquiries from prospective clients too. We’re always keen to take on more clients here at Linda Carr Accountants, and are happy to answer any questions that they have. Hiring an accountant is a big step for any local business owner to take, and our accountants are there to ensure that they make the decision that’s right for them. With many years of experience and all of the necessary qualifications, they can help all kinds of Peterborough businesses go from strength to strength.

Working With Their Colleagues

Last but not least, an accountant will work closely with their colleagues here in the office throughout the day. While the coronavirus outbreak has made it more challenging to work together in person, modern technology has ensured that team members can continue to collaborate and give each other the assistance that they need. Being a good accountant involves learning from the people that you work with and knowing when to ask for help – and those are two things that our accountants know how to do.

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