Business Start Up

Starting your own business can be an exciting time. We are here to help.

business start upStarting your own business can be an exciting time, you’ve come up with a great idea, you have the drive and enthusiasm to run with your idea but you are apprehensive about the day to day financial and legal aspects of working for yourself and / or running a company.

Here at Linda Carr Accountants we are sympathetic to your needs – remember we were also once a new start up business!

We can offer advice on:

1. Helping you to decide on the best way for you to operate your new business. For example we can explain the differences between trading as a limited company or a sole trader and explain the implications in plain English!

2. We can advise you on best practice for keeping accurate records or alternatively, we can keep them for you.

3. We can ensure you meet all the necessary statutory requirements in all areas of your business such as Payroll and VAT.

In a nutshell we can be involved with your business as much or as little as you would like us to be. From experience we have learnt that the busier you become the more you involve us in your business as we take the pressure off the necessary reporting procedures whilst you concentrate on your area of expertise which will undoubtedly be a far better use of your time!

Call us today for a free 1 hour consultation. We believe that any business idea deserves a fair hearing and sensible advice.